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Subsea Engineering
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Diving Services
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Class 1-2 Low TorqueTool c/w visual turns indicator, feedback & hoses
Class 1-4 17D Torque Tool c/w feedback & hoses
Class 5 Torque Tool & hoses, (no feedback)
Electronic Subsea Turns Counter (for above)
3-Stage Manifold c/w hoses
Surface Torque Verification Unit Class 1-4
Surface Torque Verification Unit High Torque 17H
Surface Torque Verification Unit Class 5
Smart Valve Pack System c/w hoses, cabling & laptop
(Torque Tool Controller)
Class 1-4 Gauging Tool c/w sockets (torque input)
Docking Probe & Latch Assy
Dual Port Hot Stab Male c/w check valves
Female Dual Port Hot Stab c/w check vv assys
Dual Port Hot Stab Male HP 10k c/w check valves
3" Hot Stab Male Assy with J-Lock
3" Hot Stab Female with J-Lock
FLOT Tool Inc.Clamp Underslung Sliding Type
Gulf Type FLOT (Rotating)
CO23 Cut-off Saw c/w handle & hoses
GR29 Grinder c/w fishtail & hoses
TA017 Cable Gripper c/w 6 jaw sets
TA60 5 Function Manipulator
LAOT Actuator 5.8" Stroke Type 'A' interface. ROV type.
LAOT Head 5.8" Stroke Type 'A' interface. ROV type.
Intensifier for LAOT
LAOT/Intensifier Hose Set
TA19 Anvil Cable Cutter
Intensifier c/w Hose Set
Super ZipJet Pump c/w hoses
HP Water Jetting Unit c/w lance & hoses
SL54 Softline Cutter
38mm Wire Rope Cutter LP WCO38DLP
75mm Wire Rope Cutter c/w anvil ram WCS75HDZ
AX/VX Gasket Ring Changeout Tool 18¾”
TDU2 Tool Deployment Unit Twin Point
ROV Tools