Explorer -100 HP

Work Class ROV

THE EXPORER is a fully versatile deep water (1,000 metre) advanced class survey R.O.V. which is available as a ‘free boat’ system. The Vehicle dimensions are 3.4 m x 1.7 m x 1.95 m and weighs 2800 kg in air, incorporating six hydraulically powered thrusters. Each thruster delivers typically 250 kg of thrust with infinitely variable control via a single Joystick. The thrusters are configured 4 x vectored and 2 x vertical and are effective in currents of up to 3.0 kts, dependent on depth and turbidity conditions. The vehicle also has a pay load capability of 150 KG dependent on configuration. Vehicle power requirements are 3 phase at 60 Hertz /440 VAC / 350 KVA.