Geotechnical Survey Service


It is well known fact that for planning on any type of construction related project, the Topographical & Contour Survey is the foremost and essential step. Planning of the project comprising the designing of the foundations, which necessitates the need for Geotechnical Investigation, is the second foremost step.Further, on conducting above steps if the soil strata are found weak for accepting heavy load then pile-foundation may require for ‘ground-treatment’. Again, for evaluation of ground water the Hydrographic tests are required. The Geo-physical Investigations are required to know bedrock quality and overburden thickness, fracture, fault, weak zone identification, determinations of dynamics properties of soil etc. above is required for a safe and economical design of the foundations.

Our commitment is to provide the best quality of work and timely completion of the project with fully satisfaction of our clients.

DSOI have carefully planned and invested in infrastructure and assets. Vessels and tools are above industry standard and expectation. Our management style is hands-on working alongside project managers and offshore engineers to ensure that we deliver what we promise.

Barge SSK1

Barge SSK1


Across the world’s offshore environments, DSOI is ready to provide customized geotechnical services to ISO, ASTM and NGI guidelines. Our track record includes successful projects for the offshore energy and submarine telecommunications industries.

The geotechnical and sample data collected can be used for:


o   Offshore oil and gas exploration and field development

o   Offshore pipeline and cable route surveys

o   Offshore renewable energy

o   Soil investigation for anchored structures

o   Soil investigation for shallow foundations

o   Assessment of soil condition for dredging/soil borrow

o   Offshore mineral prospecting and monitoring

o   Near-shore civil engineering projects


Our vision is to be the preferred partner for geotechnical site investigation.

Our valuesare committed to safe, fair, flexible, and sustainable operations.  We strive to deliver to, and exceed, client’s requirements.  Smart strategic and day-to-day business decisions are taken to minimize impact on the environment and to build and sustain relationships and trust with our colleagues, suppliers and clients.

DSOI employ professional, proven, dynamic and committed individuals with skill sets that extend across the range of our core disciplines.  Training and personnel development are key to our growth strategy.