Rig Movement

We create custom-made project plans in close cooperation with our project managers, QHSE Department and field supervisors. We assure our customers and their project will be carried out in accordance with the latest regulations combined with DSOI’s most recent field experiences to meet expectations.


We understand the need for detailed planning, sense of urgency, and the need for accuracy during rig moves, not to mention the high cost of delay and loss of revenue when not handled effectively. Our teams have the equipment, expertise, and safety standards in place and follow a tested approach, namely :

Detailed Planning:

We plan every aspect of the project to determine the quickest, most cost effective approach in moving the rig successfully. This includes consideration to the lowest risk solution that will deliver the rig rapidly and in a serviceable state plus ensure delays are minimized related to government and regulatory requirements such as customs, proper cleaning, fumigation, and other quarantine issues.
End-to-End Management:

Cost of delay is a big concern and is therefore a critical influencing factor of the DSOI approach to ensure end-to-end management from start to finish, and which includes strong stakeholder communication and coordination. Activities include packing, preparation, loading, stowing, transportation, clearances, unloading, unpacking, and checking.

Responsive Co-ordination:

Monitoring the progress is a critical component to the DIOS approach which has a strong focus on outcomes and an uncompromising proactive issue-identification process to avoid problems or delays before they occur.

Best Practices:

Working with some of the most exacting companies in the oil industry has given us the experience to offer a set of best practice systems and procedures when it comes to rig moves, making implementation safer and faster.66

Tailored Solutions:

Although a great deal of effort has been applied to develop best practices, each rig movement is slightly different. Part of the planning process is therefore to identify where customization needs to take place and leverage the local knowledge of our teams.

In general we offer best solution and cost effective procedure for rig movement which some activities are mentioned here.

o   Arranging with international organizations

o   Survey of locations before movement

o   Engineering of movement77

o   Supplying required vessel for movement

o   Movement Operation management

o   Receiving Insurance certificates after completing the operation

o   Cooperation with international organizations like, London Offshore, Nobel Denton and Inter Ocean UK