ROV Services

Historically in the offshore oil and natural gas industry, large, expensive, and cumbersome work-class ROVs have handled the bulk of observation tasks on offshore rigs and vessels. Recently the demand for a more portable, affordable, easily and quickly deployable, and “disposable” observation class ROV has been prevalent to supplement the large work-class ROV in simple observation tasks.88

DSOI can provide ROV services to offshore construction, whether a multi-million dollars oil platform or a harbor reef light installation.

We can help you to

o   Reduce safety exposure

o   Significantly reduce costs

o   Save project time

o   Reduce weather downtime

o   Provide full detailed video documentation

o   Fulfill regulatory compliance requirements

explorer swift








We can achieve this by providing

o   Rapid deployment to anywhere the project needs eyes

o   Observation of subsea construction activities

o   Safety observation of diving activitiesrig

o   Access to spaces divers or other ROVs cannot achieve

o   NDT inspection of steel and concrete

o   Cathodic protection analysis

o   Pre installation seabed clearance surveys

o   Post installation subsea facilities inspection

o   Post installation debris clearance surveys


Deep Sea Offshore International has acquired the DP 1 Vessel “Offshore Supporter” along with a Work Class ROV System “Swift XL 09”, both assets with previous operational Track Record in the region, to provide advanced survey and inspection services.

Deep Sea Offshore International is well experienced in providing the following ROV Services:

o   Seabed Survey

o   Touchdown Monitoring

o   As-Built Survey

o   Debris Clearance Surveyrig2

o   Debris Removal

o   Crossing Installation Support as Laid survey

o   Free Span Rectification

o   Pipe Line Inspection

o   Jacket & Anode Survey

o   Out-Of-Straightness –OOS

o   Mud Mats survey